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General Diabetes

“The First Year: Type 2 Diabetes: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed” by Gretchen Becker

After the initial shocking diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes, this is the book you should grab. You will likely have tons of questions: This book covers all of the major topics you will want to learn about to the right depth. It is designed to be read month-by-month throughout the year. For such a book, dense with the full range of information, it is surprisingly readable.

“Real-Life Guide to Diabetes: Practical Answers to Your Diabetes Problems” by Hope S. Warshaw and Joy Pape

This is the type of book that I wish I had written. It’s full of bite-sized advice to literally every issue that a person with diabetes confronts. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the minutiae of blood glucose readings and lose sight of the broader self-care priorities, but this book helps us keep things in perspective. I found the text a bit dense and each page was a bit overloaded with information, however, once you get comfortable with the format, you will never have this book far from your side.


“Mayo Clinic on High Blood Pressure” by Sheldon G. Sheps, MD, editor

This full-spectrum book looks like a textbook, but reads like a “how-to.” Endorsed by the noted Mayo Clinic, it covers this topic from understanding the medical issues to effectively caring for yourself. Some chapters are less detailed than others, but the practical tips are exceptional. I’d like to see more resources listed, particularly “readable” medical journals and other medical books for the layperson.

Exercise and Nutrition

“Fitness Walking” by Therese Iknoian

Full sections on walking the right way, warming up and cooling down, sample walking programs, cross-training. This book is heavily illustrated, showing correct postures, exercises and heart rate charts. If you’re even a bit serious about walking for fitness, this book will quickly become your primary reading. As an amateur “walker” I found this book greatly informative and inspirational.

“What to Eat If You Have Diabetes: Healing Foods That Help Control Your Blood Sugar” by Maureen Keane, MS and Danielle Chace, MS

The dozens of pages of recipes alone are worth the price of this book, but it’s really the detailed discussions of the way the body metabolizes food and the nutritional processes within our body that make this book so valuable. This is a “thinking person’s” cookbook. Finally, I think I understand the way the body works and how we can create meals that work with our diabetes. The extensive medical journal references make all the back-up research accessible to the reader.

“Easy Exercises to Relieve Stress” by H. Esherf, DO

Are you reluctant to begin an exercise program – even a simple one – because you don’t know how to get started? This book is carefully illustrated with photographs demonstrating some very basic stretches and exercises that can help even the busiest and stressed-out person say, “Yes, I can do this!” The book gives individual exercises for specific stress points, breathing techniques and nutrition tips. It’s a great primer for the beginning exerciser or the more advanced enthusiast.

“The Anatomy of Stretching” by Brad Walker

When I first started lifting weights in my early 20’s I was advised to study “Gray’s Anatomy” (the text book, not the TV show) to visualize the way that muscles and bones are placed on the body. This book on stretching serves as a colorful guide for the person just getting started with an exercise program. All humans basically look the same – some of us are just covered with more flab. By visualizing what’s under all of that bulk we can better tone and train the underlying muscles.

Juvenile Diabetes

“Diabetes and You: A Comprehensive, Holistic Approach” by Naheed Ali

The parent of a child with either Type 1 or Type 2 juvenile diabetes will find thoughtful discussions and practical tips on the disease. The book covers all the basics, but excels at motivating people with the disease to fight their condition in new and effective ways. At times the reader is overwhelmed by the medical jargon, so she ought to use a different reference for those topics. Regardless, this is an excellent resource for the caregiving aspects of diabetes: how to be a better spouse, parent or significant other to a person with diabetes.

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